This Motor drive module itself comes with our-way L9110S chip module which gives supply voltage of 2.5-12V

Features of L9110S 4 Channel DC Motor Transmission Smart Car Engine Unit Module:

  •  Suitable motor range: motor working voltage is between 2.5v-12V
  • the maximum working current is 0.8A
  • the current smart car voltage and current in the market are within this range.4  can drive 4 DC motors at the same time or 2 4-wire 2-phase stepping motors.

Two module interface description

[10P black curved pin instructions]

  • A1  external MCU IO port
  • A2 external MCU IO port
  • B1   external MCU IO port
  • B2   external MCU IO port
  • C1   external MCU IO port
  • C2   external MCU IO port
  • D1   external MCU IO port
  • D2   external MCU IO port
  • + external 2.5 V- 12 V voltage
  • – External GND

[8P PCB terminal block description]

  1. MOTOR A & MOTOR B  is connected to DC motor with 2 pins, no direction
  2. MOTOR C  & MOTOR D connects DC motor with 2 pins, no direction

Three module instructions  

  • Turn on VCC, GND module power indicator is on
  • A1 input high level, A2 input low level, MOTOR A motor forwards
  • A1 input low level, A2 input high level, MOTOR A motor reverses
  • B1 inputs high level, B2 inputs low level, MOTORB motor rotates forward
  • B1 input low level, B2 input high level, MOTOR B motor reverses
  • C1 input high level, C2 input low level, MOTOR C motor forwards
  • C1 input low level, C2 input high level, MOTOR C motor reversed
  • D1 input high level, D2 input low level, MOTOR D motor forward rotation
  • D1 input low level, D2 input high level, MOTOR D motor reverses
Package Include:

1 X L9110S 4 channel DC motor transmission Smart car engine unit module 4-way controller

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