Digital Temperature And Humidity Controller With Sensor TDK0302 widely use for the factory, greenhouse, bread or cake fermenting boxes, and plants. It usually uses for measuring the temperature and humidity, at the same time it also can control the temperature and humidity through the control heater, fan, or humidifier.


  • The temperature controller adopts a high-reliability computer chip which is made on the basis of intelligent software control technology with high precision temperature and moisture sensor.
  • The controller owns advantages of strong performance disturbance, high precision control, and cute controlling mode, it can set the upper or lower limit of temperature or moisture, return difference, and control mode according to a different requirement for temperature and humidity control.
  • Suitable for almost any kind of temperature and moisture control requirement.
  • Suitable for industry, agriculture and grain depot, warehouse, etc.

Specifications Of Temperature Humidity Controller TDK 0302:

  1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
  2. Power consumption: ≤2w
  3. Resolution: 0.1
  4. Temperature setting: -40~+120℃
  5. Humidity setting: 0~99.9%
  6. Error Temperature: ≤±0.5%FS
  7. Error Humidity: ≤±4.5%FS
  8. Display: LED(0.56inch)
  9. Output: 3A AC250V(Resistiveload)
  10. Ambient operating temperature: 0℃~50℃(With nocondensationor icing orcorrosive gas)
  11. Ambient operating humidity: 30%~85%(Withno condensationor icingor corrosivegas)
  12. Dimension(mm): 72×72×82
  13. Mounting(mm): 68×68
  14. Installation: Flush mounting

Key Function:

  • SET: Press the SET key time, the nixie tube is flickering. Press the other three keys to set temperature and humidity. Press the SET key for 3 seconds to enter into the control parameter setting mode.
  • MOVE: In the parameter setting state, it is shift key; press together with a SET key to enter into function parameter setting mode.
  • DOWN: In the parameter setting mode, it is a decrease key; in the temperature and humidity display mode it is used as temperature manual output.
  • UP: In the parameter setting mode, it increases key; in the temperature and humidity display mode, it is used as humidity manually output.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x TDK0302 temperature and humidity controller
  • 1 x Sensor
  • 1 x English manual

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