Need 3v to run a project on AA batteries? This is a simple battery holder that we use in some of our kits. What we like about these are the leads that come pre-attached, ready to be soldered to a , or attached with your choice of connector.

Features of 2xAA Battery Cell Holder Square Case Housing:

  1. Two mounting holes to accept flush head screws.
  2. You can also use high adhesive double sided tape, or a glue to attach to your project or prototype.
  3. This battery holder have two wires 6 inch of 24-gauge leads that have 5 mm of insulation stripped off of the ends.

Specifications of 2xAA Battery Cell Holder Square Case Housing:

Maximum output current: 200 mA
Cells: 2
Cell type: AA
Lead length: 4.5 in

Package Includes:

1 x 2xAA Battery Cell Holder Square Case Housing

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