This is Super 5mm UV LED Ultraviolet LED. It can be used to emit mega violet light.

General-purpose 5 mm (“standard size”) ultraviolet LEDs with a water-clear lens. Surprisingly bright, especially if you look at the mCd rating, because mCd is a unit of measure that takes into account human eye response, and these LEDs are on the very edge of visible light. Works very well as a “black” light to make objects fluoresce and for recharging glow-in-the-dark materials. A great bargain!


  1. Illumination Color: UV
  2. Lens Color: Water Clear
  3. LED Size: 5mm
  4. Lens Shape: Round
  5. onward Voltage: 3.4 – 3.6 V
  6. onward Current: 20mA
  7. Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C
  8. Minimum Operating Temperature: – 20 C
  9. Peak Emission Wave length  λp — 395
  10. leading Wave length  λd — 425


Packages Include:

1 × 5mm UV LED Ultraviolet LED

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