RC Plane Kit is now in Pakistan. RC Plane Kit now includes all the parts in one package that you need to build your own RC plane.


FS-I6 Transmitter With FS-IA6 Receiver

  1. Channels: 6
  2. Model Type: fixed-wing / glider / helicopter/ multirotor
  3. RF Range: f2.405-2.475Ghz
  4. Bandwidth: 500Khz
  5. Band: 142
  6. RF Power: Less than 20 dBm
  7. 2.4G System: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
  8. Code type: GFSK
  9. Sensitivity: 1024
  10. Low voltage warning: Less than 4.2V
  11. DSC port: PS2; output: PPM
  12. Charger port: No
  13. ANT length: 26mm*2 (dual antenna)
  14. Weight: 392g
  15. Power: 6V 1.5AA*4
  16. Display mode: Transflective STN positive type,128*64 dot matric VA73*39mm, white backlight
  17. Size: 174*89*190mm
  18. Online update: Yes
  19. Certificate: CE0678,FCC

Servo Motor MG90S Tower Pro


  1. Weight: about 13.4g
  2. Dimension: 22.8 x 12.2 x 28.5mm
  3. Stall Torque: 1.8kg/cm(4.8V ),2.2kg/cm(6V)
  4. Operating Speed: 0.1sec/60degree(4.8v), 0.08sec/60degree(6v)
  5. Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
  6. Motor Type: coreless motor
  7. Connector Wire Length : 175mm

TURNIGY 2800mAh LIPO Battery Pack

  1. Battery parameter: ZOP Power 11.1V 2800mAh 40C 3S
  2. Capacity:2800mAH
  3. Size:120mm X 35MM X 20MM
  4. Weight:183g

8×6 Black EP propeller 

  1. Size: 8060
  2. Color : Black
  3. Length: 20.3cm
  4. Pitch: 6mm
  5. Prop Root Thickness: 10mm
  6. Compatible Motor: 1400KV
  7. Usage: Suitable for RC Airplane and quadcopter


  1. Weight: 24g
  2. Size: 45x25x4mm
  3. Cells: 2-3S (Auto Detect)
  4. Max Current: 25A
  5. Burst: 30A
  6. BEC: 3A

BLDC MOTOR A2212 10T 1400KV Outrunner

  1. Color: as shown in the pictures.
  2. Material: durable aluminum alloy.
  3. Motor dimensions: phi;27.5 x 30mm; Shaft diameter: phi;3.17mm
  4. 100% brand new and high quality 1400KV Outrunner Brushless Motor.
  5. Suitable for RC helicopter, airplane, quadcopter and multi-copter.
  6. KV: 2200rmp/V.
  7. Max efficiency: 80%
  8. Max efficiency current: 4-10A ( gt;75%)
  9. Current Capacity: 12A/60s
  10. No Load Current @ 10V: 0.5
  11. Number of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly

Package includes:

  • RC Plane Kit

Reviews eight: about 13.4g Dimension: 22.8 x 12.2 x 28.5mm Stall Torque: 1.8kg/cm(4.8V ),2.2kg/cm(6V) Operating Speed: 0.1sec/60degree(4.8v), 0.08sec/60degree(6v) Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V Motor Type: coreless motor Connector Wire Length : 175mm

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