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This robot kit is perfect for your robot projects. The kit includes 2 wheels, 2 DC gear motors at speed 125 RPM and reduction ratio of 1:48.

This kit includes, 2 wheels, 2 gear motors, 4 x battery holder, rocker switch, laser cut acrylic single level chassis, 2 speed encoder disk, 1 caster, and several screws and nuts.

The 2 DC gear motors has reduction ratio of 1:48 and speed of 125 RPM at 3V. The 2 speed encoder are used for measuring walking distance and speed. It has a 3rd caster so the robot can turn into any direction.

This robot car is cheap base for everyone interested in setting up a Raspberry Pi / Arduino powered robot. The motors feel strong enough, acrylic chassis with abundant screw holes is solid enough to hold all the lot. Mechanical structure of the smart robot car is simple, it is easy to install. Educational Kit for beginners who are studying robotic projects. Smart robot car with coding. Ideal for DIY. Science education kit is greatful for children’s intelligence development.


  1. 1x 2WD V15 1 Smart Car Floor
  2. 2x Geared Motor 1:48 JSDJ 1
  3. 1x Battery Box DCH 1
  4. 1x Caster WXL 1
  5. 2x Encoder Disk MBP 1
  6. 4x M3*28 Screw LS 2
  7. 2x Smart Car Wheels CLV 1
  8. 10x M3*7.5 Cap Screw LS 1
  9. 15x M3 Screw Nut LM 1
  10. 4x M3*13MM + 6 Copper Cylinder TZ 1
  11. 4x Acrylic Fasteners JGJ V1

Package includes:

  • 1x Robot Car Kit 2WD Arduino

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