1. Module Properties: Ultra small,Precision, isolated Switch Power Supply,AC to DC Buck module,With indicator
  2. Dimensions:3cm x 2cm x 1.8cm
  3. Input voltage:AC 90V~250V 50/60HZ
  4. Output voltage:DC 12V (±0.2V)
  5. Output Current:450mA
  6. Output power: 5W


  1. Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60℃
  2. Relative Humidity:40 ~ 90%R
  3. Input Voltage Range:85~ 265v
  4. Input Current:
  5. Input Inrush Current: 20A
  6. Output Voltage Range:11.80~12.1V 0~500mA
  7. Output Power:0 ~6.0 W
  8. Output Efficiency:80%
  9. Input Voltage Of AC85 ~ 265v 50/60 HZ
  10. Output Voltage DC12V (±0.1V)
  11. Output Current 450MA
  12. Power 5W
  13. Size:3 x 2 x 1.8 cm

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