Pic kit3 PICKIT3 programmer

Pic kit3 PICKIT3 programmer PIC High download speed Debugger. The USB connection is more stable than ICD2. Offline burning function. Develop debug programming, do product batch offline burning or make. Power supply input, the inner voltage can be controlled by MPLAB IDE directly. PICKIT3.5, begin to support Win7 system. Full patch design, patch through the reflow soldering processing, more stable quality. PIC developing data, C language development tool manual. A lot of PIC basic experiment program code; ICD2 PICKIT3 etc application specification.

Package list:

  1. 1 KIT3
  2. one USB cable
  3. 1 6pin cable

Technical specification:

  1. Size: 93.50(L) × 39.80(W) × 12.90(H) ±0.2mm
  2. Full-speed USB support using Windows standard drivers
  3. Real-time execution
  4. Processors run at maximum speeds
  5. Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor
  6. Low voltage to 5V (1.8 to 5V range)
  7. Read/write program and data memory of the microcontroller
  8. Diagnostic LEDs (power, active, status)
  9. Read/write program and data memory of the microcontroller
  10. 1Erase of all memory types (EEPROM, ID, configuration, and program) with verification
  11. Peripheral freeze at the breakpoint.
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