hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor Arduino also called HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder. Ultrasonic Sensor module HC-SR04 provides 2cm – 400cm non-contact measurement function, the ranging accuracy can reach to 3mm. The modules include ultrasonic transmitters, receiver and control circuit.

The hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor Arduino uses sonar to determine the distance to an object like bats or dolphins do. It offers excellent non-contact range detection with high accuracy and stable readings in an easy-to-use package. From 2cm to 400 cm or 1” to 13 feet. Its operation is not affected by sunlight or black material like Sharp rangefinders are (although acoustically soft materials like cloth can be difficult to detect). It comes complete with the Ultrasonic Sensor transmitter and a receiver module. This is easily interfaceable for many microcontrollers like Arduino uno r3Microchip PIC and ST Microcontrollers.

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hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor Arduino

Features of Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor :

  1. Power Supply: +5V DC
  2. Quiescent Current : <2mA
  3. Working Current: 15mA
  4. Effectual Angle: <15°
  5. Ranging Distance : 2cm – 400 cm/1″ – 13ft
  6. Resolution : 0.3 cm
  7. Measuring Angle: 30 degree
  8. Trigger Input Pulse width: 10uS minimum
  9. Dimension: 45mm x 20mm x 15mm

Tutorial of Ultrasonic Sensor:

hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Sensor Arduino

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