Half Size MB102 Solder less BreadBoard

The Half Size MB102 Solder less BreadBoard is a cute half-size breadboard, good for small projects. It’s 2.2″ x 3.4″ (5.5 cm x 8.5 cm) with a standard double-strip in the middle and two power rails on both sides. You can pull the power rails off easily to make the breadboard as thin as 1.4″ (3.5cm) and stick it onto an Arduino protoshield. You can also cut these in half with a saw to create 2 tiny breadboards, or “snap” these breadboards together, either way, to make longer and/or wider breadboards.

  • Breadboard Project Board MB102 Solder-less breadboard is commonly used by students and hobbyists to quickly assemble an electronics project without using a soldering station. These Breadboard Project Board MB102 can be connected with one another to make a larger board for complex projects.


  • Mb102 Bread Board
  • 415Solder-less Points
  • Ideal for Experimenting With Circuit Design In Labs
  • Compatible with resistance, diodes, transistors, LED’s , Capacitors and other types of electronic components
  • Completely reusable
  • Colored coordinates for easy components placement.
  • Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips.
  • Accept a variety of wire sizes 20-29 AWG
  • Specifications:
  • Size : 85mm X 54 mm
  • 2 distribution strip 1 Termina strip
  • 100 distribution holes
  • 315terminal hoes
  • ABS plastic
  • Package Details:

    1 Piece Brand New Half Size MB102 Breadboard

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