Glue Gun For 16mm Glue Stick not only widely used in the electronics industry, for general home repair and maintenance. This glue gun also plays a considerable role, is an essential tool, especially for small homemade crafts. High-Quality HJ016 100W 50/60Hz Glue Gun, glue the metal mouth, compact and lightweight, for bonding various materials, goods, fixed, simple waterproof and shockproof, easy to use. Operating Voltage AC can be directly inserted 220V without using a transformer, more convenient to carry. Glue speed, fatigue resistance, high insulation resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, can be used for arts and crafts, fabrics, jewellery, artificial flowers, models, hairy toys, stuffed toys, PC Boards, electronic components, leather products, ceramics, ceramic tile, vinyl plastics, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, Metal, aluminium, food packaging, woodworking wood, furniture, paper, cardboard, paper, stone.

Features of High-Quality HJ016 100W 50/60Hz Glue Gun For 16mm Glue Stick:

  1. Safe and Rapid Heating
  2. The hot melt glue gun is handy, easy to use and store. Small size and lightweight, comfortable for long time use. Ergonomic trigger and grip designs very easy operation, finger trigger, moves up and down in an arc.
  3. Powerful hot glue gun wide application in handicraft and repair job. Such as inlay diamond, stick toys, fill door slot, repair glass, repair furniture, stick artificial flower.
  4. Easy to use, just insert the glue stick, turn on the switch, just 3-5 minutes to warm up, quickly prepare to use, and then pull the trigger. After fully charged it can use for 100mins. Very convenient, safe and easy to carry.

Specification of High-Quality HJ016 100W 50/60Hz Glue Gun For 16mm Glue Stick:

  1. Power: 100 watts that work on UPS and Solar Power
  2. Voltage : AC/Direct-current 220V Adaptive
  3. Application: 16mm glue sticks glue gun
  4. Material: Plastic Gun Body + Aluminum Alloy Gun Nozzle
  5. Glue Flow: 8-12g/min
  6. Preheat time: 1-3mins
  7. Packing: Blister Packing


HJ016 Black hot melt glue gun with sticks

Warning Tips:

  1. Keep it away from children.
  2. Cut off the power when stop using it.
  3. Don’t touch the nozzle and the glue liquid when the gun is working.
  4. If the strip is left after used, keep it and it can be used the next time.
  5. In order to prevent electric shock, do not use in a humid environment

Package Includes:

1 x Glue Gun For 16mm Glue Stick

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