FRM01 timing delay cycle

FRM01 timing delay cycle multi-function relay control module, design for users with different needs, using a microcontroller as the main control unit. It is fix in 18 functions, and the module uses genuine high-quality power relay, high-power high-voltage triode, red. The blue signal pointer board has complete thought and stable performance and can be widely used in numerous power control applications.


  1. New upgrade to version 2.0, the module function has been increasing from the previous 8 to 18, to meet more application needs;
  2. Increase the anti-reverse function of the power supply, and the module will not be damage due to the wrong power supply;
  3. Using the top quality high-voltage power supply module to replace the previous discrete power supply, the system is more stable and reliable;
  4. Increase the 0.1-second timing function, the timing accuracy is upgrade from the previous 0.1 seconds to 0.01 seconds;
  5. Increase the automatic power-saving function, the user can set it autonomously

One Module Function:

The user can select one of the following 18 functions by pressing the button and display, and can set and save the function parameters.and also view the parameters of the current function. The time parameter setting can be adjusted by 0.1-second minimum. the precision is better than 0.01 seconds. Instructions for setting up can be obtain from your seller.

 Module interface:

Module control terminal: There are 3-wire interfaces, all of which have terminal blocks for user convenience.
1. DC+: DC power supply positive (5V, 12V, and 24V modules are available)
2. DC-: DC power supply negative
3, CH1: Input detection interface, active high
Relay output: There is a 3-wire interface, all interfaces have a terminal
1, NO: Relay normally-open interface, the relay is suspending before the suction, short- circuit with COM1 after the suction
, COM: Relay common interface
3, NC: Relay often Closed interface, shorted to COM1 before the relay is pulled in, and suspended after suction

Package Include:

1 X FRM01 timing delay cycle self-lock relay control module 18 functions

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