General Description
?The FP5138 Boost controller IC in Pakistan is a boost topology switching regulator control IC for battery-used applications field. The FP5138 includes a totem-pole single output stage for driving NPN transistor or N-MOS, high precision reference (0.5V) for comparing output voltage with feedback amplifier, an internal dead-time control for controlling the minimum duty cycle, programmable soft start with short circuit protection function and logic level control for operating mode or standby mode.
?Wide supply voltage operating range: 1.8 to 15V
?Reference voltage precision: 4%
?Low current consumption:?
?Operation Mode 5.5mA?
?Standby-by Mode 1?A
?High speed oscillator frequency: 1MHz max.
?Programmable Soft Start function (SS)
?Short Circuit Protection function(SCP)
?Totem-pole output with adjustable on/off current (for NPN transistors or n-channel MOSFET)
?Logic level control stand-by mode function
?Package: SOP8/TSSOP8/MSOP8/SOP8(EP)
Typical Application Circuits

 Package Include:

1 x FP5138 Boost controller IC

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