AT89C52 – 8 bit Microcontroller  belongs to Atmel’s 8051 families. AT89C52 has 8KB of Flash programmable and erasable read-only memory (PEROM) and 256 bytes of RAM. it has an endurance of 1000 Write/Erase cycles which means that it can be erased and programmed to a maximum of 1000 times.

Specifications of Atmel AT89C52 Microcontroller:

Pin No Function Name
1 External count input to Timer/Counter 2, clock-out T2 P1.0
2 Timer/Counter 2 capture/reload trigger and direction control T2 EX P1.1
3 8 bit input/output port (P1) pins P1.2
4 P1.3
5 P1.4
6 P1.5
7 P1.6
8 P1.7
9 Reset pin; Active high Reset
10 Input (receiver) for serial communication RxD 8 bit input/output port (P3) pins P3.0
11 Output (transmitter) for serial communication TxD P3.1
12 External interrupt 1 Int0 P3.2
13 External interrupt 2 Int1 P3.3
14 Timer1 external input T0 P3.4
15 Timer2 external input T1 P3.5
16 Write to external data memory Write P3.6
17 Read from external data memory Read P3.7
18 Quartz crystal oscillator (up to 24 MHz) Crystal 2
19 Crystal 1
20 Ground (0V) Ground
8 bit input/output port (P2) pins


High-order address bits when interfacing with external memory

P2.0/ A8
22 P2.1/ A9
23 P2.2/ A10
24 P2.3/ A11
25 P2.4/ A12
26 P2.5/ A13
27 P2.6/ A14
28 P2.7/ A15
29 Program store enable; Read from external program memory PSEN
30 Address Latch Enable ALE
Program pulse input during Flash programming Prog
31 External Access Enable;  Vcc for internal program executions EA
Programming enable voltage; 12V (during Flash programming) Vpp
32 8 bit input/output port (P0) pins

Low-order address bits when interfacing with external memory

P0.7/ AD7
33 P0.6/ AD6
34 P0.5/ AD5
35 P0.4/ AD4
36 P0.3/ AD3
37 P0.2/ AD2
38 P0.1/ AD1
39 P0.0/ AD0
40 Supply voltage; 5V (up to 6.6V) Vcc































Package Includes: 

1 x Atmel AT89C52 Microcontroller

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