A Volume Type Variable Resistor Potentiometer Trimmer Resistor Rheostat is the most significant component find in many electrical devices for controlling the tone, bass as well as volume. This is due to the fact that resistors can  connect together with the other components to form filters for a desired level. They can also  use in computer monitors for color or positioning as well as dimming or switching lamps. This is achieved through digital to analog and analog to digital circuits; one additional advantage is that the knob can be turned instead of typing a value every time you want to change the tint or brightness.

A Volume Type Variable Resistor Potentiometer Trimmer Resistor Rheostat is a resistor in which the electric resistance value is adjustable. A variable resistor is an electro-mechanical transducer that generally works by sliding a contact (wiper) over a resistive element. A variable resistor is use because a potential divider with 3 terminals is a potentiometer. When it has two terminals, it acts as a variable resistor, which call as a Rheostat. An electronically controlled variable resistor controls electronically instead of using a mechanical action. This resistor is call as a digital potentiometer..

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