This is a high-quality temperature gun for multiple uses. Because of the measurement of the temperature gun (-50° – 1000°), the allowable error the of test instrument is 1%, so the temperature error of the measurement is in the positive and negative 7°, this error hundreds of degrees of temperature in the industry is not any problem, but it can’t be used to take one’s temperature

Features Of VGL 8501 Temperature Camera Temperature Gun VGL8501:

  1. Measure temperature from -50 °C to approximately 1000 °C
  2. Save footage in JPEG and AVI format
  3. PAL / NTSC System
  4. Video capabilities

Specifications VGL 8501 Temperature Camera Temperature Gun VGL8501:

  1. Display: 3.5″ TFT-LCD colour
  2. Accuracy: ±3.5°
  3. Camera: 9mm
  4. Reach: 1m (3ft)
  5. Screen resolution: 640 x 480 px
  6. Temperature range: ~50° ~ 1000°

Package Includes:

  1. VGL-8501
  2. USB cable
  3. Adaptor
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