UT673A Battery Tester is used to analyze the battery health of automobile batteries, suitable for battery capacities from 30Ah to 200Ah. These CE-certified testers can rapidly and accurately detect common faults caused by battery. UT675A also includes USB communication and a built-in printer for report generation.

Features of UT673A Battery Tester:

1. 12V cranking lead acid battery test

2. 12/24V charging or cranking system test
3. Display battery capacity, voltage, resistance, and life
4. Four-terminal Kelvin test
5. 10 types of battery standards
6. Language option (Chinese/English)
7. Test without battery disassembly
8. LED color indication for test result (UT673A)
9. Print online and real-time test reports (UT675A)
10. USB data transfer (UT675A)

Tech. Spec:

Specifications Range UT673A
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS
12V battery test 7~16V DC
12V/24V cranking system test 7~30V DC
12V/24V charging system test 7~30V DC
Battery type Ordinary lead-acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL battery, EFB battery
Battery capacity 30Ah~200Ah
Battery standard and range CCA: 40~2000; BCI: 40~2000; CA: 40~2000; MCA: 40~2000; JIS: 26A17~245H52; DIN: 40~1400;
IEC: 40~1400; EN: 40~2000; SAE: 40~2000; AH: 3~250AH
Over voltage protection
Reverse  connection protection
A prompt of poor contact
Battery status display
Battery life display
Battery capacity display
Battery internal resistance display
General Characteristics
Power None, powered by external source
Display 128*64 black and white lattice
Product net weight 264g
Product size 76mm x 22mm x 142mm


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