The UT301A Infrared Digital Thermometers series is a professional infrared thermometer that can determine the temperature when testing infrared energy on the surface. It is used to detect fast and safe failures and maintain electrical instruments and equipment, motors, motors and HVAC refrigeration systems.




Temperature Range -18 ° C ~ 550 ° C
0 ° F ~ 1022 ° F
Precision ± 1 8 ° C O ± 1 8%
Repeatability ± 0 5 ° C O ± 0 5%
Resolution 0.1 ° C / 0.1 ° F
Distance To Place Size 12:01
Response Time 250 ms (95% De  Reading)
The emissivity 0.10 ~ 1.0 Adjustable
Laser Type of Class 2 (Ⅱ)
Laser Power < 1 mW
Laser Wavelength 630nm ~ 670nm
Spectral Response 8μm ~ 14μm
° C / ° F Selection & Radic;
Laser Switch (On / Off) & Radic;
Wait screen (S) 8 Seconds
The data Wait & Radic;
Auto Power Of & Radic;
Low Of the battery Indication & Radic;
MAX Mode & Radic;
. Mode & Radic;
DIFF Mode & Radic;
AVG Mode & Radic;
LCD Backlight & Radic;
De- Memory & Radic;
Tripod Assembly & Radic;


Package includes:

1 x UT301A Infrared Digital Thermometers

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