UNI-T UT-261A Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Indicator is used for determining 3-phase power phase sequence and missing phase indication. It can measure AC voltage of 40~690V, and can operate in frequency range from 15~400Hz. UT261A is a durable device that can withstand impact from 2 meters’ height. Test leads with protective tubing are included in optional accessories. UNI-T  UT261A is now available in Pakistan.





Model UT261A
AC Voltage (V) 40V~690V
Frequency (Hz) 15Hz~400Hz
Working Voltage (A) < 3mA


Phase Sequence Indication LCD
Missing Phase Indication LCD

General Characteristics


No Battery Required
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Weight 180g
Product Size 70mm X 75mm X 30mm
Standard Accessories Carrying Bag and Straps
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, English Manual
Standard Quantity Per Carton 40pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 800X300X400mm


Package includes:

1x UNI-T UT-261A Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Indicator


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Additional information

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