UNI-T UT681C Cable Tester is a  handheld cable tester that can be used to fast check if Ethernet/telephone/BNC/HDMI cables are conducting, short-circuit, crossed, or open-circuit. They are ideal tools for technicians to install, maintain, and inspect week current system circuit. UNI-T UT681C is now available in Pakistan.

Specifications of UNI-T UT681C Cable Tester:

Item Function Model Description
Test function To test for: RJ45/RJ11/BNC Need to use RJ45 to BNC adaptor
Fast test mode LED1~LED8, LED_G
Low test mode LED1~LED8, LED_G
To test for the case of short circuit, crossover, open circuit, etc.
Ethernet cable: shielded/unshielded test
Manual shutdown function
Auto shutdown function No operation within 10 minutes, the device will shut down automatically
Single key operation
Power supply: 9V battery
Low voltage detection About less than 7.2V
Application environment Working temperature: 0~40℃
Storage temperature: -10~50℃
Working humidity: 20~80% RH
Storage humidity: 10~90% RH
Altitude: ≤2000 meters
Safety CE EN61326-1: 2013;
standard EN61326-2-2: 2013


Package includes:

1xUNI-T UT681C Cable Tester in Pakistan

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