The description of HSS Circular Saw Blade Set For Metal & Dremel Rotary Tools

Package Included:

  1. 1x HHS Saw Blade(22*0.8*6.35mm)
  2. 1x HHS Saw Blade(25*0.8*6.35mm)
  3. 1x HHS Saw Blade(32*0.8*6.35mm)
  4. 1x HHS Saw Blade(35*0.8*6.35mm)
  5. 1x HHS Saw Blade(44*0.8*6.35mm)
  6. 1x Extension Rod

Brand: Drillpro
Model: SW-B1
Material: High speed steel
Size: 22(*0.8*6.35mm
Extension rod: 3.17mm

Features of HSS Circular Saw Blade Set For Metal & Dremel Rotary Tools:

Made from strong HHS high-speed-steel for durability.
Suitable for timber,plastic,fiberglass,copper,aluminium & thin sheet metal etc.
High Speed Steel blades set for accurate,fast and precision cutting.


The rod must be clamped at the position of two-thirds above.m

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Additional information

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