UNI-T UT363 – Mini Anemometer is a mini wind speed and wind temperature tester. This light weight device is equipped with the latest magnetic sensing technology which can directly display the air flow speed on the LCD display.UNI-T UT363 is now available in Pakistan.

Specifications UNI-T UT363 – Mini Anemometer:

Functions Range Resolution Accuracy
Wind Speed 0~30m/s 0.1m/s ±5%rdg+0.5
Temperature -10~50℃ 0.1℃ ±2℃
14~122℉ 0.2℉ ±4℉
Wind Scale Level 0~12 1 ±1
Sampling Rate 0.5s
Overload Indication >45m/s OL
Data Hold HOLD
LCD Backlight Yes
Auto Power Off 5min
Low Battery Indication 3.0~3.5V
Battery 4.5V
Current Consumption Working mA ≤25mA
Power off uA ≤10uA
Work Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity ≤80%RH
Storage Environment Temperature -20~60℃
Humidity ≤75%RH
Key Functions
ON/OFF Short press to turn on/off the meter
MAX/AVG Short press to switch between MAX/MIN/QUIT
UNIT Short press switch between m/s, ft/m, mph, Km/h, Knots,℃,℉.
HOLD/BL Short press to turn on/off backlight


Package includes:

1 x UNI-T UT363 – Mini Anemometer

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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