UNI-T UT337A Carbon Monoxide Meter is Suitable for use everywhere from in the house to restaurants, offices and industrial areas, the UT337A measures the exact value of carbon monoxide (CO) gas present in the air. Featuring a built-in sensor integrated into the top of the unit, the UT337A measures CO content from 0-1000ppm with an accuracy of ±5% (5ppm) and resolution of 1ppm. The sensor is also designed to adjust rapidly to changes, ensuring you always get a stable, accurate reading. When CO levels exceed a certain threshold, the UT337A will alert the user by using a combination of audible and LED light indicators. The alarm is configurable to the user’s specification and it is also possible to use this meter to calculate temperature values.

 UT337A Carbon Monoxide Meter



Carbon Monoxide Meter




  1. High sensitivity sensor adjusts regularly to changes in air conditions
  2. Measures levels of carbon monoxide (CO) from 0 to 1000ppm
  3. Calculates air temperature measurements
  4. Self-check function ensures correct operation
  5. Battery powered instrument for use on the move
  6. 20 minute auto power off function
  7. User-configurable LED and audible alarms
  8. Backlit LCD screen for use in poor lighting conditions
  9. Low battery indicator


CO Measure Range 0~1000ppm
Accuracy ±5% or 5ppm
Resolution 1ppm
Response Time <60s (90% of reading)
Sensor Type Electrochemical Gas Sensor (CO)
Sampling Method Diffusion

Device characteristics :

Power AAA 1.5V x 4
LCD Size 26.5mm × 35.5mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 140g
Product Size 197mm × 54.8mm × 33.8mm
Standard Accessories Batteries
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, English Manual

Package Includes:

1 x UNI-T UT337A Carbon Monoxide Meter

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