This UNI-T LM50D laser distance meter is used for measuring distance. This meter has HD display also has digital values, UNI-T LM50D is now available in Pakistan.


  1. Ergonomic exterior, comfortable handling
  2. Millimeter accuracy
  3. Large, HD display
  4. Auto voice and audio indication
  5. USB data transmission
  6. Curvature measurement, test curve length via the roller
  7. Auto power off after 3 minutes without operation
  8. Convenient angle measurement via electronic leveling
  9. IP65, dust and waterproof


Specifications LM50D
Display type EBTN
Display size 2.4 inches
Range 50m
Min. display unit 0.001m
Measurement units m/ft/in
Measurement basis Front/middle/rear
Accuracy ±(2mm+5 x 10-5 D)
Laser class 2
Laser type 630~670nm, ﹤1mW
Single measurement
Continuous measurement
Triangle area
Auto leveling horizontal
Auto leveling vertical
Curvature measurement
Data storage 20 groups
Auto power off 3 minutes without operation
Auto laser off 30s without operation
Auto backlight off 10s without operation
Electronic leveler
Audio/Voice indication
Battery status display
Line laser marking
Storage temperature  -20℃~70℃
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
IP rating IP65


Package includes:

1x UNI-T LM50D laser distance meter


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