A10T measures real-time temperature and humidity and displays readings on a large screen. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It has alarm clock and 12/24 hour modes, and displays comfort rating based on the combination of temperature and humidity.

Specification UNI-T A10T Temperature Humidity Meter:

Model UNI-T A10T
Temperature Range -10~50℃ (14~122°F)
Resolutuion 0.1℃ (0.1°F)
Accuracy ±1℃ (±1.8°F)
Humidity Range 10~99%RH
Resolutuion 1%RH
Accuracy ±5%RH
LCD size 4.5″
Comfort classification
Sampling frequency 10s
Alarm clock
Date ×
12/24 hours conversion
Battery 1*AAA
Certification CE


Package Include:

1 x UNI-T A10T Temperature Humidity Meter

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