The RT809 RT809F BIOS Programmer Serial ISP Programmer in Pakistan  is a special, universal and versatile Programmer dedicate for Repair and use in Manufacturing Production, Programming thousand of Memory IC’s (24, 25, 26 family  and 93 family) and MCUs (Atmel, Windbond, ALTERA, AMD, AMIC, Maxim, Microchip, etc)  , that can directly program the following packages :

a)  8 pins DIP package family,  SMD package must use Adapter

b) 16 pins DIP package family,  SMD package must use Adapter

which are commonly found in :

  1.   computer motherboard / DDR / Bios
  2.   laptop
  3.   LCD TV / DVD Player
  4.   Routers
  5.   Satellite Receiver (STB)
  6.  Home appliances
  7.   other appliances/product
  8.   Education / DIYer’s programmer

It’s fast and easy to use which is connect via USB and drive by PC software with English, Chinese, Russian language selection.

Interfaces :

  1. USB connection to PC
  2. VGA
  3. HDM
  4. 16 pins ZIF Socket  (Universal for expandability with adapters)
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