IR Flame Sensor Module infrared Receiver Ignition source detection module This tiny Flame sensor infrared receiver module ignition source detection module is Arduino compatible can use to detect flame or wavelength of the light source within 760nm~1100nm also useful for Lighter flame detect at the distance 80cm. Greater the flame, farther the test distance.

It has the Detect angle of 60 degrees and very sensitive to flame spectrum. It produces the one channel output signal at D0 terminal for further processing like an alarm system or any switching system. The sensitivity is adjustable with the help of blue potentiometer given on the board.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Product Name: Flame Sensor Module
  2. Output Channel: 1
  3. Power Supply: 3.3/5V
  4. PCB Board Size: 32 x 14mm(L*W)
  5. Hole Size: 3mm
  6. Material: Electric Part
  7. Net Weight 3g
  8. indicator light: a green one for the switch, a red one for power.
  9. Built in a potentiometer for sensitivity control.
  10. Onboard signal output indication, output effective signal is high, at the same time the indicator light up, the output signal can directly connect to microcontroller IO.
  11. Can detect fire or wavelength in 760 ~ 1100 nm nano within the scope of the light source.
  12. Detection angle about 60 degrees, the flame spectrum especially sensitive.
  13. The flame of the most sensitive sensors flame, the regular light is also a response, generally used for fire alarm purposes.

Package Includes:

1 x IR Flame Sensor Module

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