This Portable Clamp Multitester BM528A can be used for AC/DC voltage test, AC current test, electric current resistance, diode test, etc. Handheld Digital Clamp multimeter can use in more places, such as factory, school lab, home hobby, machine repairing, etc. Digital Tong Tester Comes with pair are color-coded red & black Test Probe Leads. Clamp Ampere Meter has a rugged design, is easy to hold in the operator’s hand and convenient to use.

Features Of Handheld Digital AC/DC Clamp Ampere Multimeter BM528A::

  • It has 3 1/2 Digit display
  • It has a Max display of 1999
  • Input protection
  • Auto power off
  • Date Hold
  • Over  Load  Protection
  • Meter has Low voltage indicate
  • It has an automatic Short-circuit buzzer
  • It can measure Diode

Specifications Of  Digital Clamp Meter BM528A :

  1. MAX Clamp Diameter :30mm
  2. DC Voltage:
    • 20V ±0.8%±2
    • 600V ±1%±3
  3. AC Voltage
    • 600V ±1.5%±5
  4. AC Current
    • 20/200/600A ±1.9%±5
  5. Resistance
    • 2KΩ±1.0%±3
    • 2MΩ±1.0%±5
  6. Power:6F22 or NEDA 9V×1
  7. Size221×75×31mm
  8. Weight: 240g

Package Include:

  • 1x Digital Clamp Meter BM528A
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