This Clamp-On Meter BM-2000B  is use for AC/DC voltage test, AC current test, electric current resistance , diode test etc.  It can use in more places such as factory, school lab, home hobby, machine repairing etc.  Clamp Meter has a rugged design , is easy to hold in the operator’s hand and convenient to use.


– Maximum display: 1999
– Method indication: LCD
– Maximum arm span: 60mm
– Operating temperature range:
work: 0C – 40C
Storage:-10C – 60C
– Power supply: 9V battery
– Low battery indication: YES, graphic symbol
– Audible indication: YES, piezoelectric transducer
– Dimensions: 270x100x45 mm
– Weight: about 610g (with battery)

– Measuring voltage: 0-1000V 2 range
– Measurement of AC voltage: 0-700V in 1 range
– Measurement of alternating current: 200A-2000A in 2 ranges
– Measuring current: 200A-2000A in 2 ranges
– Measurement of resistance: 2k in 1 range
– Measuring capacity: NO
– Frequency: NO
– Temperature measurement: NO
– Testing LEDs: YES
– Acoustic continuity tester: YES
– Distance between arms: 6cm
– Meter dimensions: 270x100x45 mm
– Weight: 610g with battery
– Basic accuracy: ± (0.5% +2 digits)

Packages Include:

1 × Clamp-On Meter BM-2000B

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