650nm 6mm 3V 5mW Laser Diode which is made of copper plastic. It is suitable for 3V 5mW standard, with 6mm outside diameter, use to connect laser diode tubes for multiple uses. Features – Color: Mainly golden. – Material: Copper Plastic. – Outside diameter: 6mm. – Voltage: 3V. – Wave type: 5mW 650nm. – Can be used to connect diode tubes for multiple uses.

A Laser Diode is a semiconductor device similar to a light-emitting diode (LED). It uses p-n junction to emit coherent light in which all the waves are at the same frequency and phase. This coherent light is produced by the laser diode using a process termed as “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, which is abbreviated as LASER.


  1. 100% Brand new and high quality
  2. Dimensions(Copper Head): 14 x 6 (Length x Diameter) mm
  3. Weight: 2gm.
  4. Output Power: 5mW
  5. Working Voltage: 5V DC
  6. Working temperature: -10 ℃~+40 ℃
  7. Housing material: Copper
  8. Working life: more than 2000 hours
  9. Spot mode: dot facula, continuous output
  10. Laser wavelength: 650nm red-colored.
  11. Operating current: <40mA
  12. Power lead length: 120mm.


  • Class III a laser diode module
  • 650nm (red) dot output
  • 6mm diameter (0.235″) x 13.9mm (0.55″) overall length
  • Dot spread at 15M distance measures 10-15mm diameter
  • power: Supply voltage: 3VDC Operating
  • Laser wavelength : 650nm (red)
  • Point mode: point facula, continuous output
  • Operating temperature: -36 ~ 65 degrees Celsius
  • Lifespan: more than 1000 hours
  • 5VDC maximum input
  • -36 ~ 65°C operating temperature range
  • Prewired with 75mm (3″) wire
  • 1.4g
Symbol Prameter Value Unit
Po Optical Output 5 m W
Vr Reverse Laser 2 V
Tj Operating Temperature -10~+40
Tstg Storage Temperature -15~+85


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Package Includes:

1 x 650nm 6mm 3V 5mW Laser Diode

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