4A Buck Boost converter with display. LCD input and output voltage, output current output power; Input anti-reverse protection, reverse connection will not burn. It can be step-up and step-down, the output voltage 0.5-30V arbitrary regulation, limiting the current 0-4A arbitrary regulation. Output anti-intrusion, the battery charge without additional anti-reflux diodes, Button control output ON / OFF status, and you can set the power-on default is ON or OFF. Ascending and descending chip used as the main controller, external 60V 75A MOS tube as a switch, double 60V 5A SS56 Schottky rectification, 60V voltage value, superior to the market immature XL6009 / LM2577 program (a lot Device pressure value is not enough, MOS tube and Schottky diode pressure value must be greater than the input plus input voltage value); Output ripple small, LC filter;


  1. Input voltage range: DC 5.5-30V (when the input voltage is 5V, the boost and buck can be achieved, but the voltage and current measurement is inaccurate; under 4.7V, under-voltage protection will be activated)
  2. Output voltage range: DC 0.5-30V
  3. The Output current can stably work at 3A for a long time, when enhancing heat dissipation can reach 4A
  4. Output power: 35W (natural cooling), when enhancing heat dissipation can reach 50W
  5. Voltage display resolution: 0.05V
  6. Current display resolution: 0.005A
  7. Conversion rate: about 88%
  8. Soft start: Yes, (a large power load module may fail when it is started)
  9. Input reverse connection protection: yes
  10. Output stop the current from feeding back protection: yes
  11. Short circuit protection: yes
  12. Working frequency: 180KHZ
  13. Size: 66 * 48 * 21mm
  14. Mounting hole: 4mm in diameter

Package Including:
1x 4A Buck Boost converter with display


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