This Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) part is used for heating air or solid. The PTC material has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface.

Notice: The power consumption of the heater is not a fixable data. The better heater radiation, the bigger the power is. this model can be use without extra dissipation. The surface temperature of PTC products has a tolerance temperature. We mark the temperature when the product is not in contact. When it touches any object, the temperature will decrease.

If the temperature accuracy is very strict, please use the thermostat to control. If there is no temperature control equipment, it is not recommended to buy such products.


  • safety, surface insulation
  • heat up quickly, long service life
  • constant temperature
  • high power, easy use ,high reliability

Application : 

  • heater for water, cup, gas,
  • application as Egg Boiler ,Hair straightener ,yogurt maker ,Instrumentation dehumidification, Chocolate extrusion ,coffee maker.

Package include :

1 x PTC heating element


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