UT262C Non-Contact Phase Detector is a clamp-type non-contact phase detector. Users do not need to be in contact with high-voltage, reducing the risk of electrical shock to electricians and other professional personnel. Besides phase sequence detection, UT262 series can also be used for live wire detection, simple electrical inspection, phase identification, missing-phase judgment, and wire breaker searching. It is a perfect tool for phase sequence detection, motor mounting, and wires maintenance.

Features of UT262C:

1. Clamp opening 10~40mm
2. Power on indication
3. Auto power off (Automatically switch off after three minutes)
4. LED, buzzer indication




Phase sequence [Positive phase] four phase lights on clockwise, and beeping sound
[Negative phase] four phase lights on anti-clockwise, and solid sound
Missing phase detection R-S or S-T light off
Live power detection R-S or S-T light on
Circuit break detection R-S or S-T light off
Voltage detection R-S or S-T light on
AC voltage range (V) 70V~1000V
Frequency range (Hz) 40Hz~70Hz

General Characteristics

Power 1.5V battery (R6) x 2
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 180g
Product size 70mm x 75mm x 30mm
Standard accessories Batteries
Standard individual packing Blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 10pcs
Standard carton measurement 670mm x 315mm x 190mm
Standard carton gross weight 4.6kg


Package Includes:
  •   1 x UT262C Non-Contact Phase Detector
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