UNI-T UT300S Infrared Thermometer that determines the temperature of objects through their emitted radiation. Its main function is to measure temperature from a distance. The UNI-T UT300S consumes very little power and helps users to measure temperature quickly and accurately.

Features of UNI-T UT300S Infrared Thermometer:

  1. Dual display (real-time/MAX, real-time/MIN)
  2. ℃/℉ options
  3. LCD backlight
  4. Auto power off
  5. Low battery indication
  6. Auto data hold
  7. Optional (on/off) laser pointer
  8. Adjustable high/low temperature limit with audible alarm



Auto Power Off
Display Hold
MAX Mode
MIN Mode
High Temperature Alarm
Lower Temperature Alarm
Laser Switch
℃/℉ Selection
Emissivity 0.10~1.00 switchable
Temperature Range -32℃~400℃
Highest Measuring Accuracy ±2℃ or 2% (environment is 23℃±2℃)
Repeat Accuracy <±0.5℃ or <±0.5%
Resolution 0.1
Response Time 500ms
White Backlight

 UNI-T UT300S Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer



Typical applications:

  1. Product quality control and inspection.
  2. Industrial machinery.
  3. HVAC.
  4. Home.
  5. Automobile.

Package includes:

1 x UNI-T UT300S Infrared Thermometer

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