The DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module is a basic and very cheap digital temperature. The difference between the sensor and the module is to bring up the resistor and a power light on LED. It uses the capacity of humidity sensor and the thermostat. The use of it, to measure the close atmosphere. spits it out a digital signal on the data pin. The chief drawback, you can get new data in each 2 sec.


  1. The module can sense the close environment.
  2. High consistency and outstanding long term strength.
  3.  The output is in digital form.
  4. Has a fixed hole for the bolt. In results fitting becomes easy.


  1. Power supply: 5V DC
  2. Output signal: digital signal through single bus
  3. Humidity measuring range: 20%~90% RH (0-50 ℃).
  4. Temperature measuring range: 0~+50℃.
  5. Humidity measurement correctness: ±5.0% RH
  6. Temperature measurement correctness: ±2.0 ℃.
  7. The sensor will  reply within 5 sec.
  8. Low power use.
  9. Size: 28mm x 13mm x 8mm.


HVAC Testing and examination tools


Mechanical control.

Weather situation.

Home appliances.

Humidity controller.

Medical fields.

Package includes:

1 X DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

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