Consumer Electronics Desoldering Iron In Pakistan

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220v/40 Desoldering Iron In Pakistan This is a great repair tool and a must have for any electronic solder job. It has the power of a 40 watt solder iron, so it melts the solder and also sucks it up. Making it the most effective way to repair a solder mistake. Allows single-handed desoldering of connections, PC boards and components. Thumb operated, index finger released spring-loaded plunger.
40W at 110V heating element removes most board level components quickly and safely without thermal damage.
Internal plunger pin automatically purges solder from tip with each use.
Easily disassembled for fast cleaning.
Three-wire grounded vinyl 4-1/2 foot cord

Very easy and fast to use.


  1. When desoldering, the iron and suction tip should  held vertically, perpendicular to the circuit board surface.
  2. Solder must be completely fluid before pressing the suction button.
  3. The solder should  sucked up in a single operation while circularly moving the desoldering iron’s tip about the lead of the component while being sure to keep the iron vertical.
  4. This may seem counter-intuitive, but, if the solder you are trying to remove is not completely removed after the sucking operation (mostly caused by air entering through inclined suction nozzle or by inadequate heating) the soldering joint should be fully re-tinned before attempting to desolder again. The sucking up of?all?the solder in a thru-hole is completed by the molten solder’s surface tension, not air flow! The solder initially sucked into the desolderer literally pulls the remaining solder up and out of the hole or off the component.
  5. Regular re-tinning will increase the lifetime of the tip.
  6. With problematic desoldering jobs like dual-sided boards where solder wicks up the component lead on both sides, components soldered to large copper planes, or just parts with lot’s of size or heat sinking, utilizing a separate soldering iron in your opposite hand to heat the other side of the board or the heat sinking surface can really help release stubborn parts.?


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