The Clamp Meter BM 820A  is a professional clamp meter. This Portable Clamp multimeter bm820a is mainly for measuring DC and AC voltage, AC current, resistance, and diode. With continuity buzzer, data hold and insulation test function. AC/DC Tong Tester is a good helper to test and troubleshoot faults that exist in electronic devices. This Handheld digital LCD Clamp multimeter can test voltmeter ohmmeter ammeter. Best device for home maintenance.

Features Of Portable Handheld Digital Clamp Ampere Meter BM-820A:

  • Clamp meter with high accuracy and good reliability
  • 3 1/2 digit LCD display max.value 1999
  • Data hold function
  • The low voltage symbol display
  • Overload protection
  • Continuity measurement
  • Audible continuity
  • Low power indication

Specifications Of BM820A Auto range pocket-size digital Tong Tester:

  1. Model: BM820A
  2. Color: black & red
  3. Working environment: 0-40°, 70%RH
  4. Storage environment: -10-50°, 80%RH
  5. Display mode: display by LCD
  6. Maximum display: 1999
  7. Maximum span of the jaw: 30mm
  8. Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA(not included)
  9. Diode test: yes
  10. DC voltage:
    • Range: 600V
    • Resolution: 1V
    • Accuracy: ±(0.8%+5)
  11. AC current:
    • Range: 2000mA/20A/200A/600A
    • Resolution: 1mA/0.01A/0.1A/1A
    • Accuracy: ±(2%+10)
  12. Resistance: 
    • Range:2000Ω
    • Resolution: 1Ω
    • Accuracy: ±(1%+5)
  13. Diode Test: 
    • Forward current:0.8A
    • Reversed voltage:2.6V
  14. Buzzer: Sounds at less than 50Ω.
  15. Open circuit voltage:2.6V
  16. Test current:1mA
  17. Item size: 165 x 68 x 28mm/6.50 x 2.68 x 1.10in
  18. Item weight: 152g /5.37oz

Package Include:

  • 1 x Clamp Meter BM 820A

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