This AT-09 HM-10 HM10 Bluetooth Module For IOS 6/Android 4.3 contains a BLE chip (a CC2540/CC2541). This module allows performing serial communication with the BLE chip thanks to an Rx and a Tx pin. This module is also very similar to the HM-10 module and is also compatible with it. So if you have some experience with the latter, you will get started quickly with the AT-09.

  1. 100% Brand New and High Quality
  2. This small size Bluetooth 4.0 TTL Transceiver module allows your target device communicate with.
  3. Its easy to use and completely encapsulated.
  4. You Can set it as Slave or Master.
  5. This can be used with AT command also.

This is a SMD BLE module used in our BLE Bee and Xadow BLE. It is based on TI cc2541 chip, enables robust network nodes to be built with low total bill-of-material costs and highly suited for ultra low power consumption systems. The module is small and easy to use, with the preprogrammed firmware of manufacturer, you could quickly build BLE communications via its AT command. Supporting BLE communications with iPhone, iPad and Android 4.3 and newer.


  1. Ultra Low Standby Power 90uA ~ 400uA
  2. Communication Distance Range : 100 ft / 60mtr
  3. Super Fast Reaction Speed : 0.4 Sec.
  4. Built-in PCB antenna
  5. Power Input : 3.6V To 6V DC (Cannot higher than 6V)
  6. Size : 43 X 15 mm
  7. Color : Blue
  8. Net weight : 4g


  • Industrial remote control, remote sensing
  • POS system, bluetooth keyboard, mouse, game controllers
  • Automobile testing equipment
  • Portable, battery power of medical equipment
  • Automated data collection
  • Bluetooth remote control toy
  • The wireless LED display system
  • Bluetooth printer
  • Intelligent household, industrial control


  • Internal with logic level conversion circuit. No need external 5V level to turn into a 3.3V level
  • The power input port with anti-anti-circuit. To avoid accidental power plug reversed, leading to the module burned
  • HM-10 Bluetooth module using TI CC2540 chip, configuration 256Kb space, support
  • AT commands, you can change the role (master and slave mode) and the baud rate, the device name
  • Pairing password and other parameters, convenient and flexible


Do not place the power supply to the signal pin, it will directly burn!!
  1. Input power supply 3.6~6V, Prohibit more than 6V
  2. No “Automatically prevent power supply reversing function”, so please correctly connect the power supply to the module.


Here’s a detailed tutorial of this module.

Packages Include:

1 X  AT-09 HM-10 HM10 Bluetooth Module

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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