A water block is the water cooling equivalent of a heatsink. The surface of the water cooling block is polish, the inner flow channel is extrud into an M-shaped flow channel, brazing parts into a whole. water block is better at dissipating heat than an air-cooled heatsink due to water’s higher specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Aluminium Water Block is Used widely in computer CPU, graphics GPU heat, Xbox consoles CPU, semiconductor cooling piece, industrial inverter driver, laser head cooling, and industrial control cabinet cooling.

Features Of 40x160mm Water Cooling Block For Heat Dissipation:

  • A unique M-shaped flow channel supports full-scale placement.
  • Brazing parts into a whole
  • Internal flow channel extrusion forming
  • It can connect with an internal diameter 7-8mm/0.27-0.31” water pipe
  • Solid construction, aluminum material is a good choice for heat dissipation
  • Applicable to computer CPU water, industrial inverter driver, laser head cooling, industrial control cabinet cooling.

Specifications Of Aluminium Alloy CPU Water Cooling Block Water Blocks Radiator Liquid Cooler:

  1. Item: Water Cooling Block
  2. Size: 40mm x 160mm
  3. Material: Aluminum Alloy
  4. Color: Silver
  5. Heat dissipation method: the liquid conducts the cold and heat exchange.

Package Include:

1 x Aluminium Alloy Water Block 40x160mm

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