Adjustable Double Layer Component Organizer Tool Container storage box is made of PP material and 8 grid component storage container is durable for use. This storage organizer chest, the size of each grid can be adjusted by removing the PP sheet at the bottom layer. Each adjustable compartment is straight and smooth to remove. There are slots under the box cover so that the grid can be tightly closed. This component plastic box is suitable for storage of electronic components, jewellery, cosmetics, stationery and small tool kits. Can be used for storing IC chips, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, earrings, beads, thumbtack, clips, fishhooks and other small parts.

Features Of Plastic Grid Tools Small Items Organizer Case Storage Box:

  • Simple and practical. Used to put all your small items in one place without losing them.
  • It’s clear so you can easily see which items are stored in each organizer.
  • Removable Separators – The grid dividers can be moved vertically, so you can adjust the dividers to get your own size.
  • Made with hard and sturdy PP Plastic. If you drop the box, no worries, The switch buttons and dividers make it easy to keep your stuff safe, nothing gets mixed-up.
  • Ideals for letter boards storage, beads, jewellery, pens, even fishing hooks.

Specifications Of Plastic Storage Box 8 Grid Divider Compartment Tool Chest Organizer Container:

  1. Material: PP
  2. Colour: Clear White, Blue
  3. Grid Quantity: 8
  4. Divider Type: Adjustable
  5. Buckle Type: Double Buckle
  6. Size: Length 234* Width 168* Height 62MM

Package Includes:


 Tool Container Storage Adjustable Double Layer Component OrganizerAdjustable Double Layer Component Organizer


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