4500 mAH 3.7v Lithium ion Battery

4500 mAH 3.7v Lithium ion Battery more correctly lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid one. High conductivity semisolid (gel) polymers form this electrolyte. These batteries provide higher specific energy than other lithium battery types and are being used in applications where weight is a critical feature – like tablet computers, cellular telephone handsets or radio-controlled aircraft.


  • Condition: Brand new
  • Battery size: 90mmx 70mmx 3mm
  • Voltage: 3.7v
  • Chemical composition: Li-Po
  • Model: 357090/4500Mah
  • Battery type: Rechargeable

Package Includes:

1 x 4500 mAH 3.7vLithium-ion Battery

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