256KB ROM Development Board STM32F401, in the F401 series, the chip is the cheapest. This STM32F401 Arduino even cheaper than some F1, and crushed F1 on the main frequency, and has a floating-point arithmetic module. This STM32F4 learning board has the IO port contains all the basic functions. Therefore, this stm32f401 black pill board is possible to provide a learning platform with a very high-cost performance for beginners. In practical applications, it is not because the computing power is insufficient, and the IO port is incomplete and hinders development.

Features Of 256KB ROM Back Pill Development Board STM32F401:

  • 25MHZ high-speed crystal oscillator 32.768k low-speed crystal oscillator
  • STM32F401CCU6 core board 64KB RAM 256KB ROM
  • BOOT settings are changed from jumper to button to reduce the installation trouble by pressing
  • BOOT0 and NRST, releasing NRST to access the serial port download, DFU download, providing ST official multi-in-one STM32 Cube Programmer burning software.
  • The GND is changed to 5V B9 5V GND, which can directly connect a small steering gear without additional wiring and reduce development time.
  • Previous versions of the sole can not be welded to the foot, with no impact.

Package Includes:

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