18650 Lithium-Ion Cell are round high capacity cells have been mainly used in flashlight type applications but with its capability to be used as a drop-in rechargeable cell at 3.7V with a capacity of 1800mAh/2000mah. This is a great battery option for those of you who need a simple to install and replace the cell with a lot of juice.


  • Model: TR 18650
  • Standard voltage: 3.7V
  • Rated Capacity:1800mAh/2000mah
  • Diameter: approx 18mm
  • Height: approx 65mm


Arduino power supply, Robotics, Toys, etc.

These 18650 Cells have a standard discharge current of 0.2C to a maximum of 1C and can handle about 300 charge cycles.
Package includes:
1 x 18650 Lithium Ion Cell

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