The is PCB Mount 12V 2000mA Isolated Switching Power Supply for the isolation module power for professional use and product designing, high and low Voltage isolation, AC85 ~ 265V wide voltage input,  Precision regulator DC 12V output, small size, performance Stable, cost-effective


  1. Ultra small,Precision, isolated Switch Power Supply,AC to DC Buck module,
  2. Input voltage:AC 90V~250V 50/60HZ
  3. Stable Output
  4. High Current Output


  1. Output Voltage 12V DC
  2. Output Current 2000mA
  3.  Input Voltage Range:90~ 265v
  4.  Output Efficiency:80%
  5. Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60
  6. Relative Humidity 40 ~ 90%RH
  7. Technical Requirements
  8.  Input Inrush Current: 10A


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