The PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501 allows you to sense motion. It is almost always used to detect the motion of a human body within the sensor’s range. It is often referred to using “PIR”, “Pyroelectric”, “Passive Infrared” and “IR Motion” sensor. The PIR motion sensor has an onboard pyroelectric sensor, conditioning circuitry, and a dome-shaped Fresnel lens. It has a delay time adjustment Potentiometer and sensitivity adjustment Potentiometer. Repeat Trigger Selection Jumper is also available.

PIR sensor is able to detect a change in average IR levels of its detection zone (e.g. when a human enters a room, that room will increase in temperature slightly) and hence sense motion.

This motion sensor includes an adjustable delay before firing (approx. 0.5 – 200 seconds), has adjustable sensitivity and two M2 mounting holes! It runs on 4.5V-20V power (or 3V by bypassing the regulator with a bit of soldering) and has a digital signal output (3.3V) high, 0V low. Its sensing range is up to 7 meters in a 100 degree cone.

Features :

  1. Infrared Sensor with Control Circuit Board
  2. The Sensitivity and Holding Time Can be Adjusted
  3. Blockade time: 2.5s (Default)
  4. Sensitive Setting: Turn to Right, Distance Increases (About 7M); Turn to Left, Distance Reduce (About 3M)
  5. Time Setting: Turn to Right, Time Increases (About 200S); Turn to Left, Time Reduce (About 5S).


1) Passive Infrared Sensor Modules
2) Detecting Range: Approx. 7m / 23 feet
3) Detecting Angle: Less than 100 degrees
4) Working Voltage Range: DC 5V- 20V
5) Quiescent Current: Less than 50uA
6) Level Output Voltage: High 3V / Low 0V
7) Working Temperature: -15 to +70 degrees C
8) Trigger Method: L unrepeatable trigger / H repeatable trigger
9) PCB Size: Approx. 32mm x 24mm / 1.3 x 0.9 inch.

Packages Include:

1× PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501

Additional information

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