The HLW8032 high-precision energy metering IC is a high-precision energy metering IC that uses a CMOS manufacturing process and is primarily intended for single-phase applications. It can measure line voltage and current and can calculate active power, apparent power, and power factor. The device integrates two ∑-Δ ADCs and a high-precision energy metering core. The HLW8032 can communicate data through the UART port. HLW8032 uses a 5V supply, a built-in 3.579M crystal oscillator, and an 8PIN SOP package. The HLW8032 has the advantages of high accuracy, low power consumption, high reliability, and strong adaptability to the environment. It is suitable for energy metering of single-phase two-wire power users.


(1) Active power, apparent power, current, and voltage rms can be measured
(2) Active energy pulse PF pin output
(3) Measurement error of active power reaches 0.2% within the dynamic range of 1000:1
(4) In the dynamic range of 1000:1, the effective current measurement error reaches 0.5%.
(5) Within the dynamic range of 1000:1, the effective voltage measurement error reaches 0.5%.
(6) Built-in frequency oscillator
(7) Built-in voltage reference Source
(8) Built-in power supply monitoring circuit
(9) UART communication
(10) SOP8 package type

Chip pin


Pin name

Types of




power supply 5V voltage



Analog input Current differential signal input, maximum differential input voltage RMS is ±30.9mV



Analog input



Analog input Positive input voltage signal, the maximum input voltage RMS is ± 495mV



Simulated ground Simulated ground



Digital output UART data output port



Digital output Output high-frequency square wave pulse, duty cycle 50%



Digital input UART data input port ( reserved port, users do not need to use )

Internal block diagram

(1) Smart Home Appliances
(2) Metering Sockets
(3) Smart WIFI Sockets
(4) Electric Vehicle Charging Pole
(5) PDU Equipment
(6) LED Lighting
(7) Street Lighting Control

Packages Include:

1 × HLW8032 high-precision energy metering IC

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