Description of 4 Channel Relay Module:

4 Channel Relay Module Relay Board Arduino Relay Module allows a wide range of micro-controllers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM with digital outputs to control larger loads and devices like AC or DC Motors, electromagnets, solenoids, and incandescent light bulbs. 4channel relay interface board, and each channel need a 15-20mA driver current. We can use it to control various appliance

SPECIFICATIONS of 4 Channel Relay Module:

  1. 5V 4-Channel Relay interface board and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current
  2. Equipped Equipped with high-current relay, AC250V 10A ; DC30V 10A
  3. Standard interface that we can control directly by microcontroller (Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic active low)
  4. Opto-isolated inputs
  5. Indication LED’s for Relay output status


From the picture below, you can see that when the signal port is at low level, the signal light will light up and the optocoupler 817c (it transforms electrical signals by light and can isolate input and output electrical signals) will conduct, and then the transistor will conduct, the relay coil will be electrified, and the normally open contact of the relay will be closed. When the signal port is at high level, the normally closed contact of the relay will be closed. So you can connect and disconnect the load by controlling the level of the control signal port.

Pin Description


VCC: Positive supply voltage
GND: Ground
IN1–IN4: Relay control port


Connect a load, DC 30V/10A,AC 250V/10A



  • Size: 75mm (Length) * 55mm (Width) * 19.3mm (Height)
  • Weight: 61g
  • PCB Color: Blue
  • There are four fixed screw holes at each corner of the board, easy for install and fix. The diameter of the hole is 3.1mm
  • High quality Songle relay is used with single pole double throw, a common terminal, a normally open terminal, and a normally closed terminal
  • Optical coupling isolation, good anti-interference.
  • Closed at low level with indicator on, released at high level with indicator off
  • VCC is system power source, and JD_VCC is relay power source. Ship 5V relay by default. Plug jumper cap to use
  • The maximum output of the relay: DC 30V/10A, AC 250V/10A


  • 1 x four-Channel 5V Relay Module

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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