This brand-new 60 Drawer Plastic Storage Boxes is the perfect solution for storing and organizing your tools. Its multiple drawers provide an abundant amount of storage. Rust-resistant coating and matte paint, this tool cabinet is stylish and functional, a perfect place to keep your power tools and accessories.

300 Drawers Storage Cabinet Tool Box Bin Chest Case Organiser

Package Includes In 60 Drawer Plastic Storage Boxes

  1. 1 / 4 x Tool Box Cabinet 60 Drawers


  1. Premium durable construction
  2. Extremely thick plastic
  3. Removable partitions to create even more space
  4. Wall-mount holes included on the rear
  5. Non-slip drawers
  6. Quick & easy storage access to 60 drawers


ColourOrange, Black, Clear
Product Dimension (LxWxH)38cm x 16cm x 47cm
Drawer Dimension (LxWxH)See Images
Package Dimension (LxWxH)38cm x 16cm x 47cm
Package Weight2.6kg / 10kg
DrawerAnti-skid design
MaterialReinforced PP




Additional information

Weight0.1 kg


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